PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and Real-time PCR (Q-PCR) tests can be use for routine clinical diagnosis. These methods also preferred for extracellular diagnostic studies, food analysis and DNA / RNA-based research.

Underlying principle of PCR diagnostic methods; the presence of target genes on the genetic material isolated from various tissues and / or determination of the amount.

In this way, detection of genetic and microbial diseases, searching for pathogens in food, performing various tests and analysis as GMO testing and meat species identification in food is possible.

We develop new nucleic acid isolation method, amplification and detection system can be performed in a single platform. This platform is based on the use of nanoparticles with specific kits (primer & probe).

Serial Number ROI Type Mean Intensity Centroid X (pixels) Centroid Y (pixels)
1 Ellipse 546,62 -180,21 -180,21
2 Ellipse 475,50 -82,61 -82,61
3 Ellipse 148,92 -197,06 -197,06
4 Ellipse 15,34 -94,09 -94,09
5 Ellipse 0,00 0,00 0,00