To design, manufacture and application of the biocidal nanomaterials requires special procedures and expertise.

Although the manufacturing process for these products is controlled with very strict rules, misapplication may arise during the use of registered end product is to be ignored in the current regulatory system.

Eventually emerging toxic effects occurs due to misuse and lack of antimicrobial effect.

Our goal is to prevent those implementation problems of the biocidal effect of nanomaterials.

In this context, the demand for biocidal product is determined in the target sector before applying the test-analysis process; an integrated sanitation system created including the screening & control and making the application has been developed.

* Mesoporous TiO2 single crystals delivering enhanced mobility and optoelectronic device performance Edward J. W. Crossland, Nakita Noel, Varun Sivaram, Tomas Leijtens, Jack A. Alexander-Webber & Henry J. Snaith Nature Published online 06 March 2013