IV Nanomedicine World Congress – ISNS

10-12 September 2015, Köyceğiz - TURKEY

XXIII 60th Anniversary Conference on Artificial Cells, Nanobiotechnology, Biosorbents, Bioencapsulation & Biotherapeutics

XVI ISBS International Symposium on Blood Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics

V ISNS Nanomedicine World Congress

13 - 15 November 2017

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Prof. Thomas Ming Swi Chang

European & Global Summit for Cutting-Edge Medicine Clinical Nanomedicine and Targeted Medicine

June 26 - 29, 2016

Basel, Switzerland

XXIII 60TH Anniversary Conference on Artificial Cells with emphasis on Nanobiotechnology, Biosorbents, Bioencapsulation & Biotherapeutics In conjunction with XVI ISBS International Symposium on Blood Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics and V Nanomedicine Congress

13-15 November 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

XXIII Conference on Artificial Cells emphasizing selected topics in Nanobiotechnology, Biosorbents,Bioencapsulation & Biotherapeutics. 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the invention of artificial cells atMcGill (Chang 1957 McGill, 1964 Science). Thus, in addition to the XVI ISBS and V Nanomedicine Congress, we shall also organize this as part of the International network on Artificial Cells and related area www.medicine.mcgill.ca/artcell/ISABI.pdf.

XVI ISBS International Symposium on Blood Substitutes and Oxygen TherapeuticsThe ISBS International Scientific Advisory board has voted to hold this in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from the past experience of the many international pioneers; the updating of important ongoing progress made around the world since the 2015 ISBS at Lund Sweden; and new ideas and new approaches for the future especially from the next generation researchers in this area.

V Nanomedicine Congress After our first announcement went online, this group wants to hold it in conjunction with the above meetings. Artificial cell is the forerunner of nanomedicine and 2017 is the 60th anniversary of artificial cells. Furthermore many of the areas of interest are closely related.

The 3 meetings will be held in a downtown Montreal hotel. We have also reserved a block of rooms in this hotel: Canadian$150/day for single and double rooms and Canadian$175/day for triple and quadruple rooms. Room Reservation is directly with the hotel using credit card. This is on a first come basis with other possible less expensive or more expensive hotels within walking distance. (The city has just renovated the surrounding area as a special tourist district. These include the Palais des congress de Montreal (Montreal Convention Centre) that connects to the well know Montreal modern underground city of shops and metro; Place Des Art with arts exhibits and concert halls; the Notre Dam Cathedral an imitation of the one in France. The historical part of the city is also within walking distance. Montreal is known for its international cuisines and many of these restaurants are within walking distancesof the hotel.)

COMMITTEES will be presented in the 2nd announcement.

(1) International Organizing committees: to be announced.

(2) International Scientific Advisory Committees: to be announced.

(3) Centre Alumni Advisory Committees: to be announced.

(4) Centre alumni committee for this first announcement (Alphabetical): TMS Chang(McGill), F D'Agnillo (FDA,NIH), P Keipert(U.S), S Prakash(McGill), BL Yu(Harvard).

June 15 2017. Half page single spacing.


Registration fee covers one of the meetings of your choice but allows for participation in the others space permitting. (in US dollar to allow for ease of payment by those from outside Canada).
1. Early bird registration: (by 15 July 2017) in U.S. dollars: Regular: $300
Industry: $400
Centre Alumni: $250
Students and postdocs: $200
2. Registration fee (July 16-Oct 16 2017) in U.S. dollars:
Regular: $350
Industry: $450
Centre Alumni: $300
Student and postdocs: $250
3. Registration (after Oct 16 and onsite)
Regular: $400
Industry: $500
Centre Alumni: $350
Student and postdocs: $300

Participation is by invitation based on space availability. Please email artcell.med@mcgill.ca for the registration form and include in the email: full names, nationality, address, present position and organization and for which of the 3 meetings. More details on registration and hotel in this form..

For updates please follow the meeting section of the Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre website at www.medicine.mcgill.ca/artcell/

Looking forward to welcome you
Professor Thomas Ming Swi Chang, O.C., M.D.,C.M.,Ph.D., FRCPC. FRSC
Director, Artificial Cells & Organs Research Centre,
Departments of Physiology, Medicine & Biomedical Engineering,
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada